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Who to Blame for the Ghost Schools in Afghanistan


A report exposed by the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) stated that Afghan MoE officials had repeatedly been profiting off aid that was donated for schools that actually do not exist in the country. These schools are called Ghost schools because they were never real. SIGAR head John Sopko said on Thursday. “These claims show that the United States might have paid aid money for schools that did not exist. “Ministers have reported that no schools are open in the insecure parts of Afghanistan, but former officials have forged the numbers and have embezzled the money,” was stated in this report. Dialogues gets more in details and former minister Farouq Wardak rejects the report and said to a local news agency that he was ready to give accounts for each school and teacher in the country; However, he blames the SIGAR stating that, “all the U.S. assistance to Afghanistan’s education had been done by the American officials, not the Afghan ministry.”

The current Minister of Education Asadullah Haneef Balkhi had also discussed the “ghost schools” and fraudulent statistics in the past. According to Balkhi, such corruption had made it difficult for his ministry to approach donors for legitimate needs.

One should listen to all these Big, Fat lies by Minister himself. I don’t think he even has the right statistics of what he is saying.

NOW! Who to blame and how to do it lets discuss it.



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